Caryl Rivers and Roalind Barnett speak frequently to a variety of audiences. If you are interested in having them address your organization, college, professional group, or
company, they can be reached at:

  • Caryl Rivers ()
  • Rosalind Barnett ()

Recent Appearances

  • Harvard University Law School, Lecture Series
  • Harvard University, Kennedy School, Shorenstein Center, Harmful Media Narratives about Gender, Speaker Series
  • MIT Program in Women’s and Gender Studies, The New Soft War on Women, Speaker Series
  • Boston University, The Women, Gender & Sexuality Department at Boston University, The New Soft War on Women
  • University of Pittsburgh, Journalism Department, lecture
  • Columbia University, School of Journalism, 60th anniversary of the Anne O’Hare McCormick Scholarships
  • Brandeis University, Women’s Studies Research Center, Lecture
  • Brandeis University, International Business School, Lecture
  • Journalism and Women Symposium, San Francisco Bay Area chapter, Lecture
  • Harvard University Institute for Living in Retirement, Lecture
  • New England Mobile Book Fair, Lecture