Does Helping Out Around The House Mean You’ll Have A Lousy Sex Life? —Cognoscenti, WBUR

No, it’s just that some writers seem to enjoy citing junky social science to keep women in their place.

How the “New Discrimination” Is Holding Women Back —Catalyst blog

Both men and women hold biased attitudes based on old stereotypes, and they often don’t even realize it. Women who are its victims often don’t see it coming, and men often don’t believe they are discriminating, even when they are.

Advice for Ambitious Women Is Needed, Not Elitist —Womensenews

We don’t need women to become imitation men, but we don’t want them to be imitation saints, either. There are a lot of women who want to succeed, who want to climb the ladder, who want to get ahead, and hurrah for them.

Gender Discrimination Hasn’t Disappeared —Dallas Morning News

Often, those who are responsible for hiring, firing and promoting employees aren’t even aware of the gender stereotypes inside their heads. Female as well as male managers can easily fall prey to them.

Young Women and Stubborn Stereotypes—Chicago Tribune

Despite the popular notion that the sky’s the limit for smart, ambitious females, new research finds that many college women doubt their ability to

For women, it’s not a glass ceiling but a plugged pipeline—Los Angeles Times

Gender bias hasn’t vanished; it’s just gone underground. Stubborn stereotypes about what women can’t do are operating in surprising way

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This Week in the War on Women: December 28—Daily Kos

For Women, It’s Not a Glass Ceiling but a Plugged Pipeline

Gender and the Law Prof Blog

The Soft War on Women in the Workplace

Think Gender Struggles In The Workplace Are History? Think Again—Cognoscenti, WBUR

Sweeping media coverage of a few female CEOs distracts us from how few women are advancing in corporate America.

How Women Get Cheated Out of Their Successes—Huffington Post

Women are getting more advanced degrees than men, moving into male-dominated areas of business and aiming high. But they are not moving ahead when it comes to sitting on corporate boards or making it to senior leadership positions in major companies.

Q&A: “The New Soft War on Women” Authors—The Jewish Daily Forward

In their latest book, “The New Soft War on Women”, academics Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett take on the notion that the end of men is imminent — as posited in Hannah Rosin’s book. They argue that while women have made some gains, particularly early on their careers, we are still a long, long way from parity.

Porn & Romance: An Odd Couple?—Yahoo Shine

Some future media historian may refer to the present era as the “age of hypersexuality.” Never before have there been so many images of women in sexual poses that are demeaning, violent and subservient.

Women in Business: Q&A with Caryl Rivers and Dr. Rosalind C. Barnett, authors of The New Soft War on Women‐Huffington Post Business

Gender discrimination has not disappeared but it’s gone underground, and is all the more dangerous for being unseen.

Is the Playing Field Even for Women Entrepreneurs 25 Years After H.R. 5050?—Bloomberg Businessweek

Despite the gains that the legislation, and the women’s movement that sparked it, have brought about over the past quarter-century, women have not achieved anything close to true equality in business, says Caryl Rivers.

What women aren’t doing — but should be — to get ahead, parts 1and 2—SmartBlog on Leadership

Women earn the majority of advanced degrees, but these dramatic gains have not translated into money and influence.

Read Part 1 | Read Part 2

What You Need to Know About the New Soft War on Women—Redbook

We’ve leaned in and broken through the glass ceiling, but Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett say it won’t translate into success until we collectively change some of our damaging myths about women and power.

Calling All Female Brains: Stop the ‘Neurosexism’—Womensenews

Research now finds sex-linked differences in the neural connections. So what? The media’s rush to pop-psychologize the findings fuels retro gender stereotypes that only raise the obstacles to workplace advancement.

The New Soft War On Women: Stalling On The Career Ladder—Daily Beast

While women have leveled out the playing field at the beginning of their careers, huge disparities exist as work life progresses.

The New Soft War On Women: No Credit Where It’s Due—Cognoscenti, WBUR

We’d like to believe that the workplace is fair. But it isn’t.

You can’t work and watch the kids too—LA Times

After-school care is a juggling act for full-time employed parents. Companies should do more to help.

Being ‘Too Beautiful’ Becomes On-Job Liability—Womensenews

Are you “too beautiful” to be in the workplace? Can your boss fire you if he thinks your appearance is a threat to his marriage? The answer, at least according to the Iowa Supreme Court, is “yes.” Here’s just another obstacle to women’s advancement in the workplace; one of many that we argue create a new “soft war” on women.

Working in America: The myth of men in decline—LA Times

Are women seizing the reins of power in the nation? Are they naturally suited for the new economy while old-fashioned males thrash about, clueless? Data say otherwise.

Why Sexism Ruled at the Harvard B School—Huffington Post

Despite a huge push to eradicate it, sexism still persists at the elite Harvard Business School.

A New ‘Soft War’ On Women — Subtler, More Insidious?—WGBH

Caryl Rivers and Rosalind Barnett are the authors of “The New Soft War On Women.” Rivers and Barnett talked to Jim Braude and Margery Eagan about how pay and promotion lag behind the high level of credentialing and expertise of professional women.

6 Myths About Female Ascendance in the Workplace—Alternet

Think women are taking over the world while men are failing? Think again.

When Wall Street Needs Scapegoats, Women Beware—Womensenews

Women are more likely to be appointed to powerful positions when an organization is in crisis, putting their leadership into question, say Caryl Rivers and Rosalind C. Barnett in this excerpt from “The New Soft War on Women.”

Why Women Apparently Just Can’t Hack It on Wall Street—Huffington Post

Does having a baby drain away a woman’s ability to effectively trade stocks and bonds? One billionaire Wall Street operative think’s that the case.

Working in America: The myth of men in decline—Los Angeles Times

Are women seizing the reins of power in the nation? Are they naturally suited for the new economy while old-fashioned males thrash about, clueless? Data say otherwise.

Women’s Rights? Yeah, Right—POV: BU Today

The workplace belies the idea that women are getting ahead.

Interview with Caryl Rivers — Book Q and As with Deborah Kalb

The ‘New Soft War on Women’—An Interview with Rosalind Barnett—

In an interview with, she discusses gender stereotypes and how these contribute to what she calls a “soft war on women.”